Find a wide variety of ambient foods and antipasti, Pure Mediterranean foods in bulk for restaurants, bistros, catering and packed for food stores and specialised delicatessens.


High quality of fresh extra virgin olive oils and olives of 2015 cultivation and produce from selected locations of Greece in Crete and Kalamata.


MediTerra supplies a wide range of Mediterranean antipasti / meze in bulk such as rusk breads, vine leaves stuffed with rice and meat, beans in different sauces and many more.


Unique honey varieties such as orange tree, heath and pine honey and more.


Greek legumes, grains and pulses produced in North Greece and of high quality in bulk for all kind of Mediterranean dishes and more. find also an interesting range of Greek style pasta, such as orzo, thick spaggeti and more.


Greek nature produces many and different kind of herbs and spices of unique flavour and aroma. MediTerra also provides some of international spices of highest quality used in specific Mediterranean dishes.


A wide range of Meidterranean Sweets & Dessert are available from MediTerra to be served as desserts, such as halva, baklava, kataifi..


Mediterranean savoury that can be used as bars and restaurant snacks such as oregano or sea salt crisps and nuts such as dried chickpeas and sunflower seeds supplied by MediTerra Foods.

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