Oregano - Crumbled 50gr

Thyme 50gr

Cinnamon sticks 50gr

Clove whole 50gr

Mountain Tea 50gr

Chamomile 50gr

Oregano - Crumbled Greece 350gr

Winter Savory - Throumpi Greece 350gr

Thyme - Greece 35gr

Capers in brine - Astron Messinia 100gr

Ground Cinnamon Anatoli 50gr

Vanilla Anatoli 5 Pieces

Vanilla Atlas 5 Pieces

Bay leaves 1kg

Saffron - Krokos Kozani BIO 1gr.

Vanilla Anatoli 5 Pieces

The following products are not Mediteranean but of top quality we only use in Mediterranean food!

Cinnamon - Ground Indonesia 1kg

Cinnamon - Sticks Indonesia 8cm 1kg

Nutmeg - Whole Indonesia 1kg

Nutmeg - Ground Indonesia 1kg

Clove - Whole Magadascar 1kg

Clove - Ground Magadascar 1kg

Allspice - Whole Mexico 1kg

Paprika Smoked 1kg

Paprika Sweet 1kg

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